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We Buy House As Is, or Help You To Sell It Fast To Our Network of Investors

SMI-Property is a website where Property owner can deal direct with Property Buyers. We Buy Property As Is. Get Your Offer NOW!

You Need To Sell Your Property Fast?

We can help you to liquidate your real estate in 3 simple step. Fast and No Hidden Cost!

  • Get Your Offer Within 24 Hours

  • Deal Direct With Buyer

  • Pay Nothing To Us

  • Direct Access To Group of Investors

Your Reasons For Selling House Fast

No matter which is your current circumstances and what situation you are facing, we are here to help you get over and move on with your life.

Cash for Healthcare

Whether it is your loved one hospitalized and need a great sum of money for hospital bill or you need to foot your next operation's bill. We understand the emergency of this matter well and our team are committed to speed up the process to make sure you have a good night sleep every night and away from the worry of cash shortage. 



If you choose to leave the country, and going to live in another country for good. Your property that you had possessed still need to be let go. Normal process of letting go a property may take months if not years. With Seek for Owner, our ready buyers can offer you quick access to your cash.


Need Cash for Education

Education is the best gift we can inherit to our next generation. Failure to give the best education to our children is going to be a parent's biggest regret in life. Let us help you to prevent the remorse that may occur to you in your future. Seeing your children graduate and have a good job will be the best return of investment! 


Need Cash For Business

We understand the urgent need of cash to ensure business continuity. We are here to assist in the best way and to provide most value possible to our clients. 


Facing Bank Repossession

No matter what is your reason for defaulting the bank installment, our advised is that you don't let the bank reposses your property. Once the bank repossess it, they will have control over your property and you will be blacklisted in the Financial Industry for getting loan.


Lost Your Job

Job market is uncertain and people may just lost job due to bad economic. If you are facing such a problem, and you may not be able to get back to good shape soon, we offer you solution to resolve your housing loan problem before it is too late.

Blue Skies


We represent a group of cash buyers and property investors in Malaysia searching for property for investment. We only deal with Property in Malaysia. We match our buyers and investors with property owner who wish to sell their property and get access to their money fast. In other words, we help you to liquidize your real estate property fast. 


No matter what is your reason to get cash by selling your property, we are here to assist. Talk to us before it is too late. Get our offer within 24 hours by filling up your information and send to us.

Why us

Get Your Offer Fast 

Fast Transaction

There are many reasons why you should deal with us instead of getting yourself an Estate Agent to sell your property on your behalf. We summarized it into the following benefits for you.

You can get your offer within 24 hours. As long as your property fulfill our due diligent process and you are not asking for ridiculous price, we will be giving you a no obligation initial offer. Sometimes, we buy in cash as well. 

We understand the need of completing the transaction as soon as possible. In our previous track record, our team including our legal representatives who work very closely with us are committed to speed up the transaction process.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, Dealing with us means you are dealing with CERTAINTY!

Pay Nothing To Us

No Hidden Cost

You need not pay us any fees. What you need to worry about is only your own Real Property Gain Tax with the profit you make from disposing your property.

There will be no hidden cost in any kind to you. Whatever we promise to pay you, will be paid to offset any mortgage loan you may have and balance is yours to keep. 

Deal With Buyer

Access To Investors

We are Genuine Buyers. We buy your property for our own investment portfolio. We do not deal with middle man and we do not deal with Estate Agent. 

Dealing with us, you have the access to our pool of property investors. We are not 1 or 2 individuals, but a group of more than 50 investors. 


We are not real estate agents so we do not advertise your properties publicly nor we charge you a commission or agency fee to sell your properties. We buy your house quickly to help overcome your challenges – a win-win outcome for both parties.

Accountant at Work

I moved to other country for good with my husband, SMI Builder had helped me to get rid of my Shoplot in Shah Alam in very shortime. 

– Shirlyn L

My apartment that was near to impossible to sell was sold to buyer from Seek4Owner. I managed to liquidate my property and access to my cash and roll my business. Thanks to SMI Builder

– Bala S

My investment units were sold within 2 weeks with SMI Builder. I highly recommend this group of buyers and investors to anyone who want to sell their property fast.

– DS V.T.


Get Your Offer Now by filling up our form. Click the below button to kickstart your selling process now.


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You may contact us via call or WhatsApp, we are here to help you move on with your life

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