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What You Should Know To Sell Your House Fast

We are dealing with many house owner that need to sell their house fast and their circumstances do not allow for fast selling. Here are a few things that you need to know and understand how we can be at your service.
How do I sell my house fast?

Find the right and serious buyer. Deal Direct with Buyer instead of going through Estate Agent. Get all your documents ready, and submit the documents to Lawyer when necessary. 

Why do you need details information of my property? 

You are required to fill in the form when you want us to make an offer to you. This is to allow us to do our deal diligent. Without detail information, it will be difficult for us to gauge and make offer. If you want us to give the best offer, you must therefore give us as much information as possible. Hiding the details, and not sharing information will not help but create suspicious. Our buyers and investors do not like to deal with suspicious case. So, help us to help yourself.

How can Seek4Owner help to speed up my property transaction? 

Our team specialize in fast property transaction. We do not believe in endless viewing of the property. We help you to structure a deal that is attractive to the buyer, and market to our close circle of buyers and investors. Our lawyer will monitor the workflow process from day 1 until the transfer of the title. Fastest record we can produce is within 14 days, provided if your property has no outstanding mortgage loan, freehold, and with title and no caveat.

I am an Estate Agent, Can I sell my client's house to you?

We only deal with direct owner of the property. Real Estate agent, relatives and friends of the property owner, unless you have the power of attorney signed (means you are decision maker and authorized to sign documents on behalf of owner), otherwise we will not entertain.

Do you have any preference on property location?

Property in prime location, matured area, and easy access has the most popular demand. Property that are not in these location, still are in demand as long as the prices are right. Primarily, we only want to take in Property in Klang Valley, Penang Island, and Johor Bahru for the time being. 

What is the duration of the property Transaction?

Property deal normally takes 6 months to 1 year to complete the whole transaction. The duration of transactions may vary from one and another depending on the circumstances and conditions of each deal. Freehold in general, will transact faster compare to leasehold. Property without outstanding mortgage loand will transact faster compare to those still with oustanding balance in mortgage

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